At Baia our aim and daily mission, is to create bags that people will want, use and adore.

Baia is British company, designing and making leather bags and accessories that combine contemporary function and everyday luxury.

We are a small skilled team, making each piece by hand in our Yorkshire workshop, guaranteeing an item that meets the highest quality standards, is specific to each customer, and is the opposite of the average run of the mill, mass produced item.

Our SS17 collection is a series of pieces we have made in our choice of colour combinations. These are the bags that we can't get enough of, and are the equivalent of off the peg.

Our Bespoke service is a concise collection of designs, which can be personalised, customised and adapted - think couture. With a wide choice of leather and lining colours, from bold to traditional and neutral, the choice is entirely yours; create combinations to set your heart alight!

Handmade Leather Bags